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Name: Meishi Yakitori Sauce
Quantity: 230g
Price: 235
Shelf Life: 24 months


Enjoy the authentic Japanese flavor with Meishi Yakitori Sauce. Made with high-quality ingredients, this savory sauce is perfect for grilling, broiling, or roasting meats, poultry, and vegetables. The rich taste of soy sauce, combined with the sweetness of mirin and sugar, creates a delicious balance of flavors that will elevate your dish. Whether you are cooking up some skewers for a party or just want to add some flavor to your stir-fry, Meishi Yakitori Sauce is the perfect choice. With a long shelf life of 24 months, you can always have it on hand to add a touch of Japan to your meals.

Yakitori Sauce | Meishi

  • 230 g x 12 pcs

  • 24 Months

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