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Building A Premium Brand

A Message From Our Managing Director

" As the development of science and information technology is speeding up day by day, the lifestyles of people in India are also progressing. With this progress, their nutritional needs and demands are also changing, and there are many branded food items available in India and also abroad that fit well to its people’s needs. Since India is a vast country, we have first focused on the Eastern and North-Eastern India markets. We are trying to determine the best food brand items to fulfil quickly changing needs and demands for fast food, convenient and healthy foods, and drinks. Presently, we distribute instant noodles like Samyang and Ottogi, seaweed, dairy products such as Yakult and Mother Diary. If we can play a part in fulfilling the needs and demands of the lifestyle changes of this region, we perceive this as our success. We believe that this will be beneficial not only for the people of this area but for our staff and partners as well. Hence, we are looking forward gradually widening our network. "


Nobuyuki Yatsu



The GreenCity Group was founded in 1999 in the vast country of Mongolia. Through tireless efforts, the group quickly established itself as an essential player in meeting the dietary needs of the Mongolian people, becoming a major distributor of branded food products in the Mongolian food market.


In 2015, the GreenCity Group expanded its operations to become a renowned food supplier in Myanmar, establishing a center in Yangon.


In 2018, GreenCity Foods Pvt. Ltd. was established in India, building upon the group's successful experiences in Mongolia and Myanmar. With a focus on Eastern and Northeastern India, GreenCity aims to cater to the culinary needs of the local population.


At present, GreenCity offers a wide range of high-quality food brands. With the slogan "building premium brands," GreenCity strives to introduce and make these branded food items readily available to the local people through various channels and merchandising efforts.

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