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Name: Riscossa Fagiolini Lisci (macaroni)
Quantity: 500g
Price: 175
Shelf Life: 36 months

Riscossa Fagiolini Lisci (macaroni) is a high-quality pasta made by Riscossa, a leading Italian pasta brand. This pasta is made from durum wheat semolina, which gives it a rich, nutty flavor and a firm, chewy texture. The macaroni-shaped pasta is perfect for a variety of dishes, from classic macaroni and cheese to hearty pasta soups and salads. It cooks quickly and easily, making it a convenient choice for busy weeknight dinners or quick lunches. With a shelf life of 36 months, this pasta can be stored in your pantry for extended periods of time, ensuring you always have a delicious, high-quality pasta on hand.

Fagiolini Lisci (Macaroni) | Riscossa

  • 500 g x 24 Pcs

  • 36 Months

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