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We Build Premium Brands.


Our Goal at GreenCity is to connect small scale retailers to Big Brands like Calbee, Samyang etc to name a few. GreenCityFoods is a wholesale distributor of products like ramen, non-alcoholic beer etc.  GreenCity Foods Pvt. Ltd. currently distributes over 200 products of more than 30 brands.

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Our story

The GreenCity group was born in 1999 in the vast country of Mongolia. Due to the group’s tireless efforts, it was soon playing an essential role in serving the dietary needs of the people of Mongolia, eventually becoming one of the major players in the Mongolian food market’s branded product distribution.

Fast, Fresh and Healthy is what we do at the Heart of GreenCity.

GreenCity has always been picky about what we serve to our customers, which is why we bring you the best from all around the globe. We distribute products in the states of Mizoram , South Sikkim, Assam, Nagaland, West Bengal etc.


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